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    The Review Group will create and implement a Membership Program
    that will attract and recruit a full compliment of members in all categories.

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    Our program will not only recruit new members,
    but also retain them for years to come.

React. Recruit. Retain.

Membership Recruitment Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Today's tough economic climate makes recruiting and retaining private club membership a challenge. You need a professional team that knows how to attract new business, reinvigorate interest within your community, and keep those regulars coming back for more. At The Review Group , we specialize in generating long term strategies to help you reach your membership goals. With over 40 + years of experience in club management, our outstanding team has the knowledge and expertise to create marketing solutions and membership recruiting initiatives that will increase your membership base and revenue. Give your golf club, tennis club, yacht club, faculty club, social club, athletic club, or other private club its best chance for success by partnering with the professionals at The Review Group .

Fresh and creative strategies

At The Review Group, we design fresh and creative strategies to help you meet your membership goals. Our strategies focus on your current concepts and we modify or improve your platform, putting you on track for long-term financial success. We want to maintain the integrity of your club by educating, designing, and implementing customized programs that create interest in your club, and more importantly, keep the interest going once your clients have "bought in".

In-depth club membership analysis

The Review Group will implement the entire program, and create a program that will have an “in-house” look and feel. Your club will have the complete support from our staff for one year of successful membership recruiting and retention. 
We will visit your site and present the membership program initiatives, in order to create a synergy with you and your board members.  All of our programs include two program phases and implementation for one year. By changing your membership development strategies with the help of The Review Group, you can expect the best possible results.

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Our program really works!

With over 40 years of experience in club management, the founder of The Review Group  knows what works time and time again. Our goal is to help your private club thrive by creating marketing solutions and membership recruiting initiatives that are designed to grow and sustain your membership base. If you're ready to get started, fill out our questionnaire and schedule your complimentary club analysis today!
Membership recruiting and retention in Eagle, ID
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