Chi Chi Rodriguez 

"I have known Bruce for over 45 years, he is a true professional.

I highly recommend and endorse the services of The Review Group.”  

– Chi Chi Rodriguez


Our Approach and Why it Works

Golf Clubs. Tennis Clubs. Yacht Clubs. Faculty Clubs. Social Clubs. Athletic Clubs.

The Review Group understands this is a very challenging time for the private club industry.  We are the fastest growing membership recruiting company in the country.  Our success is measured by the significant increase in our client base year after year.  We are extremely proud of our long term strategies, which enable our clients to reach their goals by generating the new members drastically needed during this most difficult period in our industry. 

What we offer our clients is 40 years of experience in club management.  The founder of The Review Group has faced many difficult times during his tenure as a General Manager.  His expertise is creating marketing solutions and membership recruiting initiatives.  He knows what works time and time again.  His long term secrets to success have been the backbone and the foundation of this company.

Our creative approach, how we implement it and why it works so well, assists our clients in adapting to new and fresh strategies. These strategies will ultimately change the concepts they have been using, which will put them on the long term road to consistent financial success. We are a company founded on the premise of educating, designing and implementing our programs to grow and sustain your private clubs membership base.  We don’t discount or devalue the clubs long term integrity or jeopardize the current membership.  We have found that getting the member is not the difficult part of the puzzle, but keeping them once they have “bought in” is the secret.  

Our approach is uniquely configured for each club. Our goal is to make sure that our client is educated, understood, and most of all confident and comfortable in their choice to retain our services. What we do cannot be duplicated or copied. We certainly are a step above in today’s membership recruiting efforts. The Review Group builds success; let us start building success for your facility today!  

We complete an in-depth analysis of your club's past and present membership.  Our user friendly programs are customized to your club's particular needs.  All of our programs include two program phases and hands on staff support for one year. 

We know the recruiting and retention challenges clubs face and we put together programs that work in any economic climate. The Review Group will change your view on membership development now and it will pay exponential dividends for years to come.  Please contact us today to get started or complete the questionnaire to the right.

Additional Info for Club Managers and Board of Directors


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Out-price & out-perform                             

Our program compensation is simple:

   Our start up cost is only $5,000. This cost is often times less than the cost of only ONE new membership. The program includes a site visit, two program phases, program outline and implementation and ONE year of support.
  We are a performance-based company that  receives a percentage on all NEW initiation fees generated during the two program phases, which is determined on a per client basis.


The Review Group has had years of experience working with all types of membership driven organizations. Some of our more frequent organizations include golf clubs, tennis clubs, yacht clubs, athletic clubs, business clubs, and social clubs.  We understand what makes your potential new member make the "decision to join".