Club Managers/Board of Directors

Information to take to the Board

Our goal is to make your recruiting efforts consistent, effortless, and most of all, successful each and every time. The Review Group takes pride in consistent success with all types of membership driven clubs. We focus on implementing a program that allows our clients to control cash flow and operate more efficiently.

We do an in-depth analysis of your club’s past & present, and create a plan for the future. We make a site visit to generate the plan we all feel will suit your club’s situation. 

Once the final recruiting program is agreed upon, a start date will be set. During the two program phases we will show you how to send the right message to your target market.  We have found many clubs across the country have discounted their existing club’s memberships.  We will show you why this practice is counterproductive, and how to defuse negativity in your target market.

Our proposals are very conservative and based on our extensive experience.  In about 85% of the recruitment programs we execute; we generate more members than we proposed.

Our compensation has two components:
1.    A one time fee of $5,000 includes a site visit and the initial set up and implementation of the program (start date determined during site visit).  No risk factor guarantee! 

You have nothing to lose!

2.    A  commission is collected on ONLY new initiation fees that are generated during the two program phases (Spring & Fall).

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We will review your club’s current information and provide you with a conservative estimate of our program’s expectations.