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If you've seen a recent decline in membership at your club, or your membership base is stagnant, trust the The Review Group to help you turn those numbers around! Our excellent programs are designed to increase membership interest in any economic climate. For a better idea of what we can do, take a look at some of what our satisfied clients had to say about our amazing programs!

Hyperion Field Club

"Hyperion Field Club used The Review Group for Spring and Fall membership drives. The Review Group helped us reinstate initiation fees for all incoming members and we were able to increase our initiation fees for our Full Golf Category. Thus, we were able to grow our membership and increase our initiation fee revenues considerably. The Review Group program was an excellent tool for us. "

Allie Adams 
Member Relations Director 
Hyperion Field Club

Briarwood Country Club

"It was a pleasure meeting you during the site visit. What the board learned about your expectations and how detailed the information you provided us was regarding membership recruiting, we certainly are all believers now! I am sure that you have run across skeptical board of directors often, but the way you educated our board was impressive to say the least. I would just like to say how knowledgeable and entertaining your presentation was! Our board has completely and totally changed their mind- set and we are looking forward to a very positive spring with your guidance and implementation of what was presented. I was certainly impressed with all of your knowledge of the golf industry. You certainly have seen it all!"

Briarwood CC
Board of Directors

Country Club of Lansing

"Regarding the Review Group, they deserve a great deal of credit for our success in adding 50 new members to date and, I believe that their rates are very reasonable.

As a result of their recommendations, we made a number of changes to the way we recruit, our membership categories, and our approach to initiation fees. They were flexible enough to allow us to blend our ideas with theirs to come up with a successful program.

Frankly, the advantage they bring is in-depth industry experience as well as a much wider view of the current private club environment. In addition, representatives of our Board met with them and were impressed by them. Needless to say, it was critical to have them “on board.”

Bottom line, we are very happy with their services and fees. We have learned from them and expect to be able to have greater recruiting and retention success in the future. We would definitely use them again.  "

Jim Hile
General Manager

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Buffalo Peak Golf Club

"Bruce Avram has worked with Buffalo Peak Golf Club over the past few years. He has a very good knowledge of the golf business and very unique ways of developing memberships for private country clubs. Bruce has worked very successfully on our membership drives. In the 7 years I have known Bruce, he is always good on his word, and completes what he says he will do."

Dennis Spray
Buffalo Peak Golf Club

Vermont National CC

"The membership programs provided to us by the The Review Group were fresh and provided options for many types of memberships. Given the current economic climate we budgeted for 10 new members in 2009 and since we started with The Review Group we already have signed up 31 new memberships! It was something we thought could not be done with our present situation."

 Chris Barron
 General Manager
 Vermont National Country Club

Tri City Country Club

"We are at 38 new members to this point in the program. I still have hopes for about 10 more. For a short fall program this year, it has met every expectation you set forth without jeopardizing our initiation fees. I cannot wait until our spring program. "

Chris Isaacson
Director of Golf

Browns Run Country Club

"As a club that is 90 years old, we were sliding down hill in the membership development portion of our club. We had tried many approaches over the years, but nothing that was generating the necessary memberships needed to sustain an old club. The Review Group came to our rescue!! They worked closely with our board of directors, general manager, and the marketing director.

We applaud Mr. Avram and his company for contracting 28 new members for our club in a short 90 period of time. He really knows his business!"

George Heddleston
 Sr. Membership Director
 Browns Run C.C.

Saticoy Country Club

"Having interviewed several companies I came across the Review Group and from the very first contact I could tell you were different. You have been responsive to all my questions and upfront with how you could help us. Usually when something sounds too good to be true it is, but in the case of The Review Group, you really are that good!Each time we’ve talked, you were helpful and got back to me immediately with answers to the questions I had.

I have worked directly with Bruce Avram and his vast knowledge of the Club business is impressive. He developed several innovate programs for our club which are going to change our membership position quickly. I have heard of, and tried many different programs but Bruce’s ideas were creative and fundamentally sound while not alienating our current membership. Not only does Bruce’s program bring in many new members it has a very strong retention component built in.

 In marketing our Club the return on our marketing dollars was not very effective, now The Review Group’s concepts have changed that completely we are spending less and getting much better results.   

Thanks guys I look forward to keeping our partnership going for many years. "

Tom Szwedzinski
General Manager/COO

Hillcrest Country Club

"I have known the founder for over 15 years. When we first met, he had just taken on a local Club that was struggling and in financial difficulty. Within a year, they had a full membership with a waiting list. While he has a very solid background in actively managing private clubs, I have to say, his true love and passion lies in marketing, and he is an expert in that field.

In the current competitive club market, it seems to take a special program or drive to get potential members to quit contemplating membership, and actually make the decision to join.

He understands how a potential member reaches a decision to join and how to motivate your existing members to become ambassadors for the Club. His professionalism and proven program will energize your Club and bring in new members, the lifeblood of any private club.

Good luck with your membership drive. I know you will enjoy working with Bruce and benefit from a great program."

Norris Sturgeon CCM
 General Manager
 Hillcrest Country Club

Terrace Lakes Golf Club

"I have known Bruce Avram for over 20 years. During that time I have had ample opportunity to see his abilities as a sales and marketing expert. Of his successes, there is no better example than the 15 years he spent as the General Manager of Terrace Lakes Golf Club in Garden Valley, Idaho. I was a member of Terrace Lakes from the beginning of his tenure and, in my honest opinion, through his management style, innovative marketing and vision he took an under utilized, ill-kept, cliquish and relatively unknown golf club and completely turned it around. This included attaining a full membership. His membership recruiting ability is refreshing and very successful.

I would highly recommend The Review Group, they are particularly strong in marketing and membership innovations. I think they could help your club start getting to your membership goals too. "

Lance Reiber
Terrace Lakes Golf Club
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